Copy and Paste
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If you have input an item with a long name, a long description or lots of aspects, you might want to copy it and make a few adjustments rather than inputting all that data again to create a similar item.

Select the item by clicking on it, then press Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V.

Alternatively, you can use the Edit menu: "Edit, Copy", then "Edit, Paste".

You can also select more than one item (by holding Shift or Ctrl down while clicking the items) and then copying all of them as described above.

The new items appear slightly to the right and below the originals.

All links to the copied items are also copied:


You can also copy items from one viewer to another (within the same project).

That can be interesting if you have arranged your items carefully in one viewer, then realise that you really need them in that arrangement in a different viewer.

To carry out this action, 

  1. select and copy (Ctrl-C) the required items in the first viewer,
  2. click anywhere on the target viewer and 
  3. press Ctrl-V (or "Edit, Paste").

When copying like this, don't forget that filtering can prevent you from seeing what you copied:

Before copying the "My first item" and "A second item" from the left-hand whiteboard:
After copying them to the whiteboard on the right:


Note that the copy of "A second item" is present but invisible in the right-hand whiteboard. Because of the filter.

Also note that the new items appear in the top left hand corner of the other viewer - just as they do when you create any new items in one viewer.

Cutting and Pasting

This combination (Ctrl-X then Ctrl-V) works pretty much as you would expect. BUT please note that it is NOT a replacement for simply dragging one or more items around a viewer.

It really copies the originals and then deletes them. 

This means that if you have more than one viewer open, the positions of the originals are lost - all of the cut and pasted items effectively move to the top left hand corner of all viewers except the one where you press Ctrl-V.

(Simply selecting and dragging items around one viewer will have no effect on their positions in other viewers.)