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You can search for items using texts in their names and/or their descriptions.

Please note that this function should NOT be used to find items which have a certain value in a certain aspect (e.g. items where "Who" is set to "John"). Use the filter function instead.


In a view's menu, choose "Edit | Find". The following dialog appears:

Description of this dialog:

  activated (ticked) Deactivated (no tick)
Clear present selection If items are already selected, they will be deselected before searching. The newly found items are added to the current selection.
Case sensitive Upper and lower case are important in the search ("A" is not the same as "a"). "Program" AND "program" are found when you search for "program".
In name An item is selected if the text is found in its name. The name is not considered during the search.
In description An item is selected if the text is found in its description. The description is not considered during the search.

You can activate as many or as few of these boxes as you like, but leaving the last two empty is pointless, because then the program would look "nowhere".

Pressing ENTER or clicking "OK" shows you the result:

Invisible items are those that have been filtered out by the "filter function".

If your window is too small to show all items, you can choose "OK" to "move" to the elements that were found. This means that the view is zoomed so that all found items fit into the screen. The view is scrolled so that the right-most found item is at the right-hand edge of the view and so that the upper-most found item is next to the top edge of the window.

Items containing the required texts are "selected"; they get black squares at their corners. Here "Write documentation" and "Write CD" are selected:

If you have too much information to fit in the current screen, press F3 to scroll to the next selected item, which is shown in the top left corner of the window.

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