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Starting i2Brain

This is the main window of i2Brain. It appears in the top left of your screen when you start i2Brain.

Depending on your operating system and the adjustments you made to it, the frame may look a little different.

Before version 3 the "views" appeared outside the small main window. Starting with version 3 the views are all inside the main window and only the latter has a menu.

The term "views" was chosen to reinforce the point that such windows are used to "view" your information.

The first time you start i2Brain

The very first time i2Brain starts, you see a particular project which describes some of the most important actions in the program:

The Wizard

Usually the wizard will appear when you start the program. This allows you to load project templates, which are a good way to get to know what i2Brain can do. 

The top list allows you to open one of the files you used most recently.

The lower left list contains "project templates". Clicking one of them shows a short description in the pane to the right.

Double-clicking a file-name in one of the lists closes the wizard and opens that file.

Pressing "ESC" or "Cancel" closes the assistant, leaving you with a new, empty project. 

Read more about the wizard here.

Creating a new view

i2Brain's purpose is to let you view your information in various ways and from different viewpoints. There are currently two types of view. The simplest is the "whiteboard".

In the main window's menu, click "File", "New" and "New whiteboard". (We use the notations "File | New | New whiteboard" to describe these steps in this document). A dialog (small window) opens, in which you can enter the name of the view. Enter "My test view" and click "OK" (or press ENTER). A second window opens - your new "view" with the title "Whiteboard My test view". 

Creating a new item

You input your information into "items". (Since this is one of the most common activities w hen using i2Brain, there are three ways of doing it, so you can choose the one most convenient for your requirements.)


Double click

When you double-click the background of a view, a new item appears so that you can input all of its details.

Using the menu

In a view's menu, you click "New | New Item" to create a new item, which appears at the top left of the view. Input the "name" of the item and press the ENTER key. (It is very important to complete your data entry with the ENTER key.)

Using the context menu

Pressing the right mouse-key on the background of a view opens the so-called "context menu", which offers a number of actions. Click "New item".

Editing an item

Simply double-click an item. It opens just as it did when you created it.

Notation for menus in this document

We use the notation with a vertical line like this "View | New whiteboard" to describe the steps "Click 'View' in the menu, then click 'New whiteboard'" in this document.

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