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Template essay/report
Template project
Template instructions
Template wedding

The purpose of these project templates is to help you to get started with i2Brain. They have aspects already defined and usually a number of views for you to choose from. They are most easily loaded using the wizard. 3 examples are also in your data directory.

Project template essay_report

A simple aid to planning a school essay on any other report. The aspects are "Section", "Priority" and "Finished (y/n)".

The "countries" template

This is a simple graphics oriented example with photos, flags and outlines of countries - primarily for young children and others with reading difficulties:

This could be developed into a game or an exercise - to match the various graphics to each other. Coloring and filtering could be used to add interest and complexity.

The "project" template

Simplify your project management by using this template which already has the aspects: Who, Week, Priority, Status, URL and Hours (planned).

"Instructions" template

See how to visualise instructions for pupils, students or team members.

Template "wedding"

Start off planning a wedding or any other celebration or party with this template.


Instead of using favorites or bookmarks in your web-browser, which are always arranged as a list or tree, use a complete network of links to external sites and internal files. A file which would fit under your categories "work" and "hobby" has a problem with the standard tree structure which do you put it under? With i2Brain's "network" you link that element to both "work" AND "hobby" with an arrow.


A simple view of a discussion which enables a mediator and al concerned to SEE what is going on and to deal with one statement at a time. This can also be useful in disagreements in teams at work.


A "network of networks" allows you to use i2Brain to access other i2Brain projects. In this implementation all the other templates.


Use this template to start describing and planning a project like publishing a school-magazine. The aspects "week", "who", "status", "priority",  "type" and "URL" have already been created. As with the other templates, they can be modified, deleted or added to.


The file which is loaded the very first time you start the program giving you your first instructions on using it.