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Plan your wedding or another celebration

You've got lists of guests, lists of suppliers, dates, people who are going to help - and a few other lists and notes as well - maybe special dietary considerations (vegetarians etc.) and their wishes regarding where they are going to spend the night.

You might have lists showing who is driving whom to the ceremony and then to the reception. And thence to the hotel or wherever. You'll certainly have a list showing who has been invited, who has accepted, who has declined and who you have to chase up.

What happens if somebody has to cancel? You can go through all your lists - and if there's a phone-call while you're half way through correcting your lists? Disaster.

Using i2Brain you input the name of each guest exactly once. You input the data for that person, then look at all the data from different view-points: how many vegans are coming? Who needs a lift back from the reception etc.

Here's an example of how such a plan is created. Let's start with a few guests:

While you're brainstorming, other things crop up:

That's starting to get complicated. Let's visually "separate" the guests from the activities using colors:

Or you can set a filter so that you can concentrate on one type of item, here the activities:

You'll probably want to plan when certain preparations should be carried out. Here we used months on the time-axis:

The arrows are used here to indicate what belongs together (red) or what need to happen before something else (blue).

You'll almost certainly want to keep tally of how many people are really coming:

Sharing data between two or more computers

You might need to compare notes with your beloved, your parents or others involved with arranging the wedding. Instead of you all having the aforementioned lists, you can all share your data via the internet.

Read here how to do that.

We wish you every success and happiness with your celebration!