Quick start
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You really only need to master 5 functions in order to start working with i2Brain:

In the main window, click . You see a new window in which you can input your information.
A double-click on the background of such a window produces a new "item", where you input your information.
Click when you want to tell the program that "items" have a new aspect. (E.g. "town" if you are dealing with addresses, or "who" when organising a project.)
A right-click on an item shows you other possibilities - among other things you can add links (shown as arrows) between items. (Or use the arrow icons in the toolbar, e.g. .)
After adding at least one aspect, you can click in order to see your information from a different view-point.

It is very important to note that all windows (views) show you the same information. Using Links, Filters and Colors you can make your information clearer.

The explanations of Graphical elements, the Overview of menu items and the Glossary will help you to get started quickly.

The Users' Manual contains a detailed description of the program; the examples are used to demonstrate certain functions.

Usually the wizard will appear when you start the program. This allows you to load project templates, which are a good way to get to know what i2Brain can do.

Please mail any questions, requests or general feedback you have to info@i2Brain.com.

Thank you.