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Aspect Information has aspects. E.g. a table has the following aspects: height, width, depth, material, color etc. An item in a project plan might have the aspects: Who, When, Where, Priority, Status.
Column view A special type of view (window in i2Brain) which is divided into columns to increase the user's understanding of the information.
Context menu The menu that appears when you press the right mouse-key.
Description The long text which can be entered in the bottom panel of a view to describe the currently selected item.
Dimension Synonymous with "Aspect".
Filter A filter allows you to hide items which are unimportant at the moment, or simply aren't relevant to the current view.
Hide This function makes items invisible according to their links.
Item The basic unit of information in i2Brain.
Link Items can be linked. Links are displayed as arrows. See also "Part".
Menu item A line in a menu.
Mouse A small hairy rodent.
Name of an item The main (first and top) text in an item. The text shown when no aspects are shown.
"Part" One item can be related to another in that the second is a "part" of the first. This relationship is shown using a red arrow.
Select One or more items can be selected. They can then be dragged to another position or deleted.
URL "Universal Resource Locator". An "address" of a file, usually associated with web sites, but can also be any file "file:/anyfile.txt"
View Any window in i2Brain which isn't the main window. See also "Column view".

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